Secret App Banned In Brazil

IFEX › Electronic Frontier Foundation

Last week was a bad one for freedom of expression in Brazil. Judge Paulo César de Carvalho, in the state court of Espírito Santo, issued a preliminary injunction ordering the removal of Secret—an anonymous sharing application that ... MORE

Trend Of Anonymous Apps Could Spark Increase In Social Regression

Red and Black › Savannah Levins

The rise in anonymous applications has some people wary.

Apps, such as Yik Yak and uMentioned, allow users to post completely ... MORE

Secrets Do Make Trends: Anonymity Apps on the Rise

NBC News › Keith Wagstaff

When Facebook burst onto the scene in 2004, the Internet’s culture of anonymity and pseudonymity, when strangers talked mainly behind screen names, changed drastically.

That is why recent reports ... MORE

Facebook Explores Anonymity Features

ReCode › Mike Isaac

Facebook spent years defining what it means to have an online identity. Now with the surge in popularity of anonymous social apps, Facebook may be spending the next few figuring out how to deal with the complete opposite case.

The ... MORE

Can Anonymity Be Good for the Social Web?

HootSource › David Godsall

Silicon Valley was buzzing with secrets this week. We’re hearing all this juicy information thanks to a pair of apps, Whisper and Secret, that let users post messages anonymously. Both have reportedly ... MORE

The Value of Anonymity on the Social Web

EContent › Eileen Mullan

A few weeks back, a good friend sent me an article that appeared ... MORE

i fucking hate ignorant libertarians

I dont know why I allow myself to get sucked in to irrelevant friend’s ignorant arguments on FB, but I occasionally do. And it makes me fucking hate people. And Zimmerman is fucking guilty of killing Trayvon whether the bullshit FL/US justice system acquits him or not. And this country’s laws are built on racism. And your right to bear arms does not trump my right ... MORE

Anonymous Social Networks

Social networks generally thrived on face time, belonging, and legacy. We enjoy recognition for the presentation of our character, recognizing others provides a sense of community, and our profile is a lasting record of our experience.

Recently, the idea of an ‘anonymous social network’ has emerged with several projects that complicate the ... MORE

Anonyming is on Facebook

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