I want a suprise party

I turn 31 in a week and the biggest thing I want is a surprise party, just once. I want to be showered with attention by friends and family who came together for the sole purpose of celebrating my existence. While I think some people I know would be interested in arranging it, I’m also deeply ashamed of asking or hinting to anyone that I want it. In fact, I downplay my ... MORE

Meathead Rapists: Euthanize, Sterilize, or Re-educate

26,000 sex assaults last year in the US military and that’s only what was reported. Basically that means that a lot of men enlisting are totally useless, ruined shells of humanity that should be euthanized, or at least sterilized and forcefully re-educated. Same goes for their parents.

There are ruined trash humans of every race and class. Wealthy latino trash. Middle ... MORE

Too many Americans are too ignorant

Love the country, can’t stand the people. Well, lots of ’em. No country in the world has people who are so privileged and ignorant at the same time. We consume everything but knowledge and let corporations dictate our lives. From sanctimonious lefties to ‘independent’ conservatives, people in this country are just way too disconnected from the consequences ... MORE

i fucking hate ignorant libertarians

I dont know why I allow myself to get sucked in to irrelevant friend’s ignorant arguments on FB, but I occasionally do. And it makes me fucking hate people. And Zimmerman is fucking guilty of killing Trayvon whether the bullshit FL/US justice system acquits him or not. And this country’s laws are built on racism. And your right to bear arms does not trump my right ... MORE