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One Year Of Anonyming

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Well, it’s been a bit more than a year since Anonyming launched. For many months the site was down due to spam. But with a final push, spam has been virtually eliminated, the site design has been smoothed out, and we have a new focus on posting news about the state of digital anonymity and free expression.

First, an important change in how the site ... MORE

Complainers Want To Unmask Internet’s Anonymous Commenters, Courts Undecided

Bizpac Review › Joe Saunders

The question is at the heart of a Change.org petition signed by best-selling author Anne Rice, demanding that Amazon.com require identity ... MORE

Anonymous Commenters Protected By First Amendment

The Times-Picayune › Staff

Former New Orleans Affordable Homeownership program head Stacey Jackson has not met the standard for overcoming the constitutional right to anonymous speech and therefore is not entitled to private information ... MORE