One Year Of Anonyming

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Well, it’s been a bit more than a year since Anonyming launched. For many months the site was down due to spam. But with a final push, spam has been virtually eliminated, the site design has been smoothed out, and we have a new focus on posting news about the state of digital anonymity and free expression.

First, an important change in how the site ... MORE

Anonymous Confessions

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In the last few years a number of websites, similar to Anonyming, have been created that offer visitors the chance to share their thoughts and feelings online without the need to indicate their identity to others.

These ‘Anonymous Confessions’ sites, also called ‘Secret Confessions’ sites or ‘True Confessions’ sites, ... MORE

Anonymous Blogging Supports Internet Etiquette

One of the most common things we do on social networking sites and apps is to start writing a post or comment, realize we’re venting and maybe being a bit too direct or rude, delete what we’ve written, and then replace it with something less likely to start an argument or hurt someone’s feelings. We may not be told how to act online, but most people adhere to ... MORE

Anonymous Social Networks

Social networks generally thrived on face time, belonging, and legacy. We enjoy recognition for the presentation of our character, recognizing others provides a sense of community, and our profile is a lasting record of our experience.

Recently, the idea of an ‘anonymous social network’ has emerged with several projects that complicate the ... MORE

One Month Of Anonyming

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This experiment is a month old. Without any promotion, our few visitors have helped get the site looking active and offered some solid critique. I’ve made some small changes to the design, added and edited rules, and we’ve dealt with our first troll.


Based on input I’ve made some basic changes. ... MORE

Anonyming is on Facebook

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After securing our unique url (web address) we’d like to invite you to ‘like’ us on Facebook. Updates will be infrequent and mostly news and some of our favorite posts. Liking us helps us spread the word.

Welcome to Anonyming

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Hello, and welcome to Anonyming. This is “John Johnson” and I’ll be your moderator.

I’m really the only person here who doesn’t get to be anonymous, but I also have to follow the RULES. No names.

I’m not hiding my identity, but for now ... MORE