I want a suprise party

I turn 31 in a week and the biggest thing I want is a surprise party, just once. I want to be showered with attention by friends and family who came together for the sole purpose of celebrating my existence. While I think some people I know would be interested in arranging it, I’m also deeply ashamed of asking or hinting to anyone that I want it. In fact, I downplay my ... MORE

A Three Am Thought

The Kindred Playlist

1) Lauv- Breathe
2) The Pretty Reckless- You
3) Digital Daggers- Still Here
4) Sam Smith- Stay with me
5)Christina Perri- Jar of hearts
6)Alan Walker- Faded
7)Melanie Martinez-Soap
8)Panic! At the Disco- Casual Affair
9)Sia- Midnight Decisions
10)Evanescence- My Immortal