Huh? What is this and why should I care?


Anonymous social network news and opinion.

About Anonyming

Anonyming is a highly moderated anonymous social network for adults. A safe place to do some healthy venting and explore the venting of others.


Real anonymity

No registration or user names. People won't know who you are and each post is a fresh start. Be yourself. Get things off your chest.

Immediate output

Load the site and start typing. No sign-in or navigating. Post what's on your mind and see it boldly featured.

Curated choas

Experienced moderators enforce the site RULES. Posts are also deleted to keep the site meaningful, interesting, and entertaining.

Free expression

Anonymous speech is healthy, legally protected, and an important exercise of our First Amendment rights.



Posts chosen by the moderators that are unique, touching, funny, interesting, or absurd. Moderators may not agree with the content of these posts.


Obnoxious posts that don't quite break the rules. If it's really insulting, derogatory, hateful, angry, or frustrated, the moderators will be moving it here.


This is the default topic when posting from the homepage. This topic is for posts that don't fit into the others.


Share secrets, fantasies, and regrets without consequence. This topic is for that thing you just can't keep to yourself.


Express opinions that are unpopular with friends or family. Vent about local or global frustrations. Call it like you see it.


Share stories about relationships, dating, and fantasies. Online dating fails. Secret crushes. Sexual frustrations and kinks.


Trash your boss, co-workers, customers and clients. Blow off steam about your job.


Share positive and negative opinions of people, places, media, and events.



Pick a topic and post to it. Or post to the General topic from the home page.


Use titles to briefly summarize your post. Please keep post titles short and to the point as long titles can break the design.


You can add an image to your post by entering the url, or web link, of an image. Not a link to the page an image is found on, but the image's unique web address.


Tags should be words used to categorize your post that are separated by commas. Single words are encouraged. Phrases must be short and relevant.


The content of your post is the main text. Please try to be concise. Statistically people don't read much online. There is no formatting of content.


Comments should be brief and related. Comments will be more heavily moderated than posts because even anonymous statements can be abusive.



Anonyming has experienced moderators who will be deleting anything that breaks the rules. The moderators will also be curating site content by deleting posts that they feel offer little value to those visiting the site. Moderators aren't on duty at all times and so users may see unmoderated content.


Moderation of posts and comments on Anonyming is based first on the RULES. Posts and comments are also edited and deleted by moderators in order to maintain the overall quality of site content. Quality content will be considered expressive, substantive, sincere, funny, interesting, or so-bad-it's-good.

Visitors to this site and those posting should understand that most expression not prohibited by our rules will be allowed. The moderators will make every effort not to apply their political or social views to the deletion of posts and comments. For that reason the presence of content on this site should not be construed as an endorsement of that content by the moderators.

Our moderators are not present 24 hours a day and so visitors will see unmoderated content. Within the limits of our rules users can post things that are very upsetting to a majority of people. Anonyming can take no responsibility for the emotional impact of the content found on our site. In addition, our moderators are not able to check every link posted to the site and take no responsibility for their content.

Visitors are encourage to report any content that violates our rules. The Anonyming moderators will make every effort to delete violating material in a timely manner.

The moderation strategy will remain subject to change at any time.


By using Anonyming you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our TERMS of service.

Nearly every website, including Anonyming, logs a visitor's 'IP' or web address when they post or comment. Anonyming will not intentionally make that information available to anyone unless compelled by law enforcement.

Anonyming acknowledges the possibility that it's database could be compromised and user IP addresses could be accessed. For that reason Anonyming does not guarantee the security of IP addresses logged by our site and takes no responsibility for any impact of such a breach.

This site was not created to circumvent any law or facilitate any illegal behavior. Violent threats or admission of crime may result in requests from law enforcement for a poster's IP address. Anonyming intends to fully cooperate with any legally compelling request made by a law enforcement agency.

Like a Google search, Anonyming contains adult subject matter. While it is not the intention of this site to appeal to children, it is not practical for this site to verify the age of users. Pragmatically speaking, it is the the responsibility of adult guardians to regulate children's access to this site and the internet.

While the moderators intend to review as much content as possible, they are only able to monitor the site periodically. Visitors will see unmoderated content. Anonyming is committed to enforcing the rules but takes no responsibility for the content of posts or comments. Visitors are encouraged to report any violations of our RULES.




Anonyming can't guarantee the security of our visitor records. Anonyming contains adult subject matter. Visitors may see unmoderated content. You can't edit or delete posts. Posts are deleted based on the RULES and to keep the site interesting. Use of the site is agreement to our TERMS of service.