What Is Anonyming?


A curation of anonymous posts. Secrets. Rants. Confessions.


Get something off your chest. No registration. No ID. No waiting.


You support free speech. Can you handle honest opinions?

Anonyming is a curated anonymous social network for adults. A safe place to do some healthy venting. Anonyming is also a unique experiment in anonymous interaction that could never exist in a society less committed to freedom of speech.


Quick and easy anonymous posting. Simple navigation. Mobile-compatible.

Topics you really want to vent about. Free expression. Just let it out!

Easy-to-read posts and comments. Clutter-free design. No distractions.

Clear rules of conduct. Uncompromising enforcement.

"Well, this is either genius or lunacy, an important resource or a total shit show. I applaud your effort and fear for your sanity. Thanks for providing the opportunity for me to say things publicly I probably should save for my therapist." - Anonymous Poster