Meathead Rapists: Euthanize, Sterilize, or Re-educate

26,000 sex assaults last year in the US military and that’s only what was reported. Basically that means that a lot of men enlisting are totally useless, ruined shells of humanity that should be euthanized, or at least sterilized and forcefully re-educated. Same goes for their parents.

There are ruined trash humans of every race and class. Wealthy latino trash. Middle ... MORE

I didn’t fight for this country for some damn immigrants

I served in the army and did a tour in Afghanistan. Lost some good friends. Now I come back and can’t get a job cause some Mexicans who don’t speak english and don’t know shit have got all the jobs in town. And not just the shit jobs, but all the other jobs too. Lots of vets are homeless and I don’t think it’s right for immigrants to get jobs when ... MORE