Your Favorite Anonymous App Is Not Anonymous At All

Gizmodo › Adam Clark Estes

Security researchers recently discovered a serious flaw in Yik Yak, the “anonymous” messaging app popular with teens. In surprisingly simple fashion, the flaw offered hackers a way to discover the identities ... MORE

Online Anonymity Will Soon Be The Only Kind We Have

TechCrunch › Jon Evans

Anonymity: it’s all the rage–Whisper, Secret–and it’s rage-inducing. A Brazilian court has ruled ... MORE

Secrets Do Make Trends: Anonymity Apps on the Rise

NBC News › Keith Wagstaff

When Facebook burst onto the scene in 2004, the Internet’s culture of anonymity and pseudonymity, when strangers talked mainly behind screen names, changed drastically.

That is why recent reports ... MORE

The Internet Loves Anonymity but Hates Dishonesty

Medium › David Fortuna

The Reddit community is not stupid. Do not be fooled by the myriad cat pictures on the home page.

In fact, as my good friend Adam learned the hard way this weekend, it is very likely that the Reddit community is a lot smarter than you. It is an elemental ... MORE

Whispers, secrets and lies? Anonymity apps rise

AP › Barbara Ortutay

At a time when Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are pushing people to put forward their most polished, put-together selves, a new class of mobile applications aims for a bit more honesty.

Among the latest is Secret, created by two former ... MORE

Surprise! Advertisers Are Intrigued By Anonymity Apps

Digiday › John McDermott

Apps like Whisper and Secret have recently attracted large audiences by allowing users to do exactly what they can’t do on Facebook: post anything they want while remaining ... MORE

Open Secrets: The New Wave Of Anonymous Social Networks Is Neither New Nor Anonymous.

Slate › Lily Hay Newman

There’s a lot of news about Whisper, Secret, and other anonymous social networks lately. Whisper has been around in various forms since March 2012 but started ... MORE

Business Insider Australia Continues To Trash Anonymous Social Networks

Post Image

Anonymous social networks are receiving a lot of attention in the last couple months from the tech blogging community, largely due to some major capital investment in startups like the Secret and Whisper apps.

In addition to a lot of PR friendly puff pieces we are seeing a number of articles that are highly critical, not only of individual ... MORE

On Your Permanent Record – Anonymity, Pseudonymity, Ephemerality & Bears Omfg!

Medium › Austin Hill

Anonymity seems to be all the rage in Silicon Valley and startups lately.

Recently Whisper raised another $30 million (supposedly ... MORE

Yes, Online Anonymity Is Hard – But Like Anything Valuable, It Is Worth Fighting For

Gigaom › Mathew Ingram

When it comes to online behavior, some contentious issues have been around at least as long as the consumer internet itself. One of the most explosive of these topics is anonymity, and the alleged benefits ... MORE