Anonyming Rules

Over 18+

This site is not necessarily appropriate for children and is not run with the intention that children post or comment. Use of this site connotes verification of age.

No links+

Spammers are all about links and this site isn't. No hyperlinks are allowed.

No video+

Don't post video embeds. Use links to the video instead. Embedded video slows page loading time and makes the site feel sluggish. And the moderators don't have time to review video content.

No names+

Don't post your name, names of people you know, places or streets in your neighborhood, or any information that could identify you. Names of public figures and high traffic locations are allowed.

No serious threats+

Don't seriously threaten violence against a specific person, place, or organization. You are free to speak aggressively and refer to violence. It's up to the user to ensure that visitors and the moderators understand that any threats are not sincere.

No suicide, rape, or pedophilia+

Don't advocate taking your own life, raping anyone, or sex with children. Our moderators don't have the time or training to take responsibility for providing assistance to those with psychological challenges. As a result, any post or comment advocating these felonies will be deleted.

No criminal confessions+

Don't confess to a felony. Most websites, including Anonyming, log the IP address of anyone who posts or comments. Provision of that information can be compelled by law enforcement and Anonyming intends to fully cooperate with any such requests.

No Pornographic Images+

Don't post graphic sexual images or pornographic fiction. You are free to talk about sex between consenting adults in detail. You are also free to post nude images of people not engaged in intercourse or masturbating.

No Nauseating Images+

Don't post things that make others feel sick. No images of graphic trauma or bodily fluids. You are free to post graphic images of historical or artistic value.

No nonsense+

Don't post nonsense. You are free to rant, but don't just punch keys. No extra-long titles. No repeating one phrase at great length. No extra tiny images.

No commercials+

Don't post for commercial or promotional reasons. No posts about your next gig. No posts about your business or an upcoming event. Posts or comments with links to promotional material will be deleted.

No blocked words+

The following is the current list of words and characters that can not be used in posts or comments.

@, amoxil, anonyming, btc, cialis, cymbalta, deltasone, fiverr, http, https, kamagra, levitra, nike, priligy, printer, reseller, samsung, seo, synthroid, topamax, uggs, unsubscribe, ventolin, viagra, webmaster, xenical, zovirax,

The content above is not allowed on Anonyming and will be deleted at the discretion of the moderators. Moderators are not available 24 hours a day and visitors will see unmoderated posts. More information about site moderation can be found on our ABOUT page.