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Why Anonymous Social Networks Are Scary

CNN › Steve Kovach

In late 2007, a social network called Juicy Campus started going viral at a handful of colleges.

But unlike Facebook, which saw a similar buzz three years earlier as a fast-spreading social network conquering one ... MORE

Business Insider Australia Continues To Trash Anonymous Social Networks

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Anonymous social networks are receiving a lot of attention in the last couple months from the tech blogging community, largely due to some major capital investment in startups like the Secret and Whisper apps.

In addition to a lot of PR friendly puff pieces we are seeing a number of articles that are highly critical, not only of individual ... MORE

On Your Permanent Record – Anonymity, Pseudonymity, Ephemerality & Bears Omfg!

Medium › Austin Hill

Anonymity seems to be all the rage in Silicon Valley and startups lately.

Recently Whisper raised another $30 million (supposedly ... MORE

Investors Debate The Ethics Of Anonymity Apps

TechCrunch › Alexia Tsotsis

VCs are publicly and privately debating the morality of investing in the burgeoning “anonymish” app space, after a series of negative posts, mainstream gossip, a MORE

Anonymous Social Networks: Too Big To Succeed?

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With the very recent debut of a number of anonymous social networking apps and websites, a vigorous debate has begun about the perils and merits of anonymous digital venues.

Critics would have us believe that trolling, porn, and bullying are endemic to the experience, while boosters trumpet the importance of innovation, free speech, ... MORE

Banter Debuts An Anonymous Social Network On Mobile That Focuses On Interests, Not Confessions

TechCrunch › Sarah Perez

A new mobile app called Banter wants to build an anonymous social network on mobile by carving out ... MORE

The Value of Anonymity on the Social Web

EContent › Eileen Mullan

A few weeks back, a good friend sent me an article that appeared ... MORE

Online Commenting: A Right To Remain Anonymous?

USA Today › Tyler Wells Lynch

A revolution is at hand, and the consequences could fundamentally change the identity of the Internet — or, more precisely, your identity within it.

Websites and social networks are increasingly ... MORE

Anonymous Confessions

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In the last few years a number of websites, similar to Anonyming, have been created that offer visitors the chance to share their thoughts and feelings online without the need to indicate their identity to others.

These ‘Anonymous Confessions’ sites, also called ‘Secret Confessions’ sites or ‘True Confessions’ sites, ... MORE

Anonymous Blogging Supports Internet Etiquette

One of the most common things we do on social networking sites and apps is to start writing a post or comment, realize we’re venting and maybe being a bit too direct or rude, delete what we’ve written, and then replace it with something less likely to start an argument or hurt someone’s feelings. We may not be told how to act online, but most people adhere to ... MORE