Anonymous Bullying

These days, most so-called “anonymous apps” (yik yak, rumr, etc.) are not ultimely anonymous. They’re anonymous, although only in the sense of individuals.

Most of these services/network are only about talking to people near your location. You might as well use Facebook. You “might” know the person who you’re talking too, and, although ... MORE

Secret Shuts Down

TechCrunch › Josh Constine

Anonymous sharing app Secret will shut down soon, according to sources close to the company. The announcement could be made as soon as today or tomorrow, and there’s some talk of current employees receiving modest severance packages. Having raised $35 million, it’s unlikely ... MORE

Your Favorite Anonymous App Is Not Anonymous At All

Gizmodo › Adam Clark Estes

Security researchers recently discovered a serious flaw in Yik Yak, the “anonymous” messaging app popular with teens. In surprisingly simple fashion, the flaw offered hackers a way to discover the identities ... MORE

The Secret Shame of an Unacquired Tech Worker

New York Magazine › Kevin Roose

Last week, amid the overwrought start-up angst and sexual escapades that clutter the anonymous messaging app Secret, a hint of genuine drama emerged: a ... MORE

‘Truth’ Texting App Lets Users Anonymously Criticize or Flirt With Phone Contacts

Mashable › Rebecca Hiscott

Secret and Whisper, the current darlings of the anonymous messaging market, are all about ... MORE

Anonymous-confession App Mimi Stirs Concerns About Ethics, Bullying

South China Morning Post › Amy Li

A free phone app that lets users anonymously confess secrets, from extramarital affairs to invasions of a loved one’s privacy, earned as much criticism as it has ... MORE

Trend Of Anonymous Apps Could Spark Increase In Social Regression

Red and Black › Savannah Levins

The rise in anonymous applications has some people wary.

Apps, such as Yik Yak and uMentioned, allow users to post completely ... MORE

Yelp Battles To Keep Local Reviewers Anonymous

CBS MoneyWatch › Erik Sherman

Local business review site Yelp (YELP) is embroiled in a legal fight with a Virginia-based cleaning company. Potentially at stake: the ... MORE

Why Anonymous Social Networks Are Scary

CNN › Steve Kovach

In late 2007, a social network called Juicy Campus started going viral at a handful of colleges.

But unlike Facebook, which saw a similar buzz three years earlier as a fast-spreading social network conquering one ... MORE

Anonymous Social Apps Aren’t Too Gossipy – Or Anonymous – For Advertisers

Forbes › Parmy Olson

It’s hardly a secret anymore. Anonymous social apps like Secret and Whisper are among the hottest diversions to come out of Silicon Valley, showcasing streams of short confessions ... MORE