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Yes, Online Anonymity Is Hard – But Like Anything Valuable, It Is Worth Fighting For

Gigaom › Mathew Ingram

When it comes to online behavior, some contentious issues have been around at least as long as the consumer internet itself. One of the most explosive of these topics is anonymity, and the alleged benefits ... MORE

The Future For Anonymity Apps: Defamations And Revolutions

TechCrunch › Mike Butcher

In 2010 the Iranian election protests — the “Green Revolution” — was at its tail end, though few knew the tumult of the Arab Spring was to come. The Iranian authorities were rounding up key anti-government ... MORE

Can Anonymity Be Good for the Social Web?

HootSource › David Godsall

Silicon Valley was buzzing with secrets this week. We’re hearing all this juicy information thanks to a pair of apps, Whisper and Secret, that let users post messages anonymously. Both have reportedly ... MORE

Because Anonymous Apps Aren’t Private Enough, There’s Sneeky

Fast Company › Alice Truong

Our tendency to over-share on social media has inspired a number of anonymous apps, including Secret, Whisper, and Backdoor (best known as the VC-backed company founded by a 14-year-old). ... MORE

Anonymous Message App Yik Yak Faces Backlash From An Entire City

Huffington Post › Kim Bellware

CHICAGO — Yik Yak is the latest anonymous messaging app to stoke cyber bullying fears among parents and educators, recently causing so much worry its creators temporarily disabled it for an entire city.


Is the Trend for Anonymity Online a Challenge or Opportunity for Social Media Listening?

Business2Community › Anna Cordes

Our recent 2014 Social Media ... MORE

Anonymity and the Ivy

Yale Daily News › Caroline Posner

Anonymity is undoubtedly the zeitgeist of Yale’s current social media activity. In the last few months, a fresh set of confession-centric pages has cropped up, most notably “Elihu Yale (Bulldog Admirers)” ... MORE

Anonymous Confessions

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In the last few years a number of websites, similar to Anonyming, have been created that offer visitors the chance to share their thoughts and feelings online without the need to indicate their identity to others.

These ‘Anonymous Confessions’ sites, also called ‘Secret Confessions’ sites or ‘True Confessions’ sites, ... MORE