close as i can tell

more of a gong show than a circus. i suppose there r peeps who take all this seriously and think they make a difference….they fill our hospitals and homes….shrug. insanity the end result and i suppose some r happy enough. shrug. anybody who thinks they know wtf are fooling themselves….even those with the best of intentions idk even sadder as everything ... MORE

i feel stuff

i know it cause i am angry…..with reason and with in reason. i think most of my reactions r with in the normal range but then my life aint normal soooo hard to say. looking forward to suport and rest and contentment. really i cant keep dealing with endless garbage. i do not attribute anything that happens in my reality to anything but what it is. and rational….if ... MORE

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My boss is a useless yuppie schlub

I work for a huge tech firm. You’ve heard of it. It’s always in the news. When I first got the job I thought I was on my way up the ladder to success. I though the attitude in Silicon Valley was going to be different than more conservative industries I’d worked for in the past.

Maybe it was just bad luck, but my boss is a totally empty shell of a person. ... MORE

Roller nude massage popping up in the world (great spam)

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My clients are all idiots

I’m in digital marketing. I work with clients to help them target their audience and compete in their marketspace. I wrote a really basic primer about what I do to introduce new clients to my process. I spend endless hours explaining and reexplaining basic concepts and best practices. I totally hand hold them all through every step and they pay me a lot for it.

None ... MORE

Animal Cognition and Emotions

Why does everybody think that they’re experts on animal feelings or thoughts? We really know nothing about this topic and have just started to learn over the past decade or so. So many people pronounce with absolute certainty that animals do everything by instinct and also that they have no emotions “like humans do.”

Chimps, with astonishing short-term ... MORE

Bathroom success!

I peed while brushing my teeth. Double fisted!