i feel stuff

i know it cause i am angry…..with reason and with in reason. i think most of my reactions r with in the normal range but then my life aint normal soooo hard to say. looking forward to suport and rest and contentment. really i cant keep dealing with endless garbage. i do not attribute anything that happens in my reality to anything but what it is. and rational….if i want anything forself it’s a world where i can be a kinder gentler bitch baaahhhhhhhaaaaaaa i want to be able to give real people the benifit of a doubt. i dont think your average person has bad intentions but really things aint really gone well in that area. i know i have to be warry and always will be but idk need to live my life. and i am happy on many levels not sure reality is one of them buttt i get the concept and idk hope and who knows where this life leads, it certainly has been…….something…yup…i feel…i feel honored and greatful for my own exsistence in ways that r hard to address.