My boss is a useless yuppie schlub

I work for a huge tech firm. You’ve heard of it. It’s always in the news. When I first got the job I thought I was on my way up the ladder to success. I though the attitude in Silicon Valley was going to be different than more conservative industries I’d worked for in the past.

Maybe it was just bad luck, but my boss is a totally empty shell of a person. A total douche. A misogynist. An idiot with no sense of humor who always things his bad joker are hilarious. Someone who covers over his incompetence by blaming everyone he can before taking responsibility for his decisions. Basically a spoiled, rich, only child that never had to deal with any real responsibility in his life.

And how he’s my boss. And as much as I love my job, I might have to quit because he just totally kills it. Luckily my coworkers and I talk a lot of shit behind his back and that keeps everyone sane. But how do people like this end up getting hired. I don’t want to think it’s douches all the way to the top.



  1. Anonymous says:

    who would that be?? gotta be evan spiegel… snap chat … am i rite??

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s likely all the way at the top. I work in a large, full scale technology department within a prestigious company, and everyone in very bright and good natured, and the Director is an intelligent and non discriminating, and kind lady. I’ve worked in a company where the employees were mostly all cold and mean, and in that the CEO was a brilliant but emotionally defunct terd. I worked in one conpany where there was loads of sexual harrassment, a few suicide attenpts, bullying galore; and in that case it was in a defense agency, and the Commanding Officer laughed and scoffed at others’ failures, and overall appeared to try to always be one of the cool kids. So yes, I have reasons to believe that everything trinkles down from the top, and also that the lower you are in staff, the more abuse and pain you will suffer in general, regardless of the top leaders. I am considerably up there, but still I’m not content with remaining (i.e. still not high enough).