My clients are all idiots

I’m in digital marketing. I work with clients to help them target their audience and compete in their marketspace. I wrote a really basic primer about what I do to introduce new clients to my process. I spend endless hours explaining and reexplaining basic concepts and best practices. I totally hand hold them all through every step and they pay me a lot for it.

None of them get it. None of them want to get it. They all think they can just pay me to make their business grow, like I should care more than they do. Instead of trying to learn from me they are all just like bored fourth grade kids who would rather play kickball than learn math.

And the result is that they will fail. They do follow my instructions and will benefit from my insight. But as soon as I’m gone, they are lost. No focus. No creative investment. I try to teach them and they would rather just pay.

Really, it’s a wonder that so many businesses succeed at all, because if my clients are any indication, most business owners hardly graduated high school. It makes me sad.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah. The things we can’t say every day. I have a different kind of client, but pretty much the same story. Spending money makes them an expert, like the money is being spent so they can feel like a director or authority of some kind.

    You really just have to develop a thick skin and not get to invested in their fate. Do the best job you can. I do know that most of my clients end up learning something even if they aren’t trying. They may get it right eventually. But you don’t have to worry about that.