I didn’t fight for this country for some damn immigrants

I served in the army and did a tour in Afghanistan. Lost some good friends. Now I come back and can’t get a job cause some Mexicans who don’t speak english and don’t know shit have got all the jobs in town. And not just the shit jobs, but all the other jobs too. Lots of vets are homeless and I don’t think it’s right for immigrants to get jobs when I can’t find one first. I don’t hate Mexicans, but it’s just not right.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m guessing that those “Mexicans” are actually Americans and that many of them served their country too. I sympathize with being out of work. That’s really not any one groups fault. Even if you don’t think you are racist, try to keep in mind that you sound racist to a lot of people. Also keep in mind that someone in your family was an immigrant once too. Sounds like it’s time to learn a new skill or move.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know what you mean! My husband is a Vet and he is passed up alot for jobs/promotions because he doesnt speak spanish and he has alot more experience and higher credentials/certificates for his profession than many of the immigrants do so his pay should be higher. They earn a lower wage because they are less educated in the field so the company would rather give them more hours (even tho they make alot of mistakes that my husband gets called upon to fix!). This way, the companyakes more money and has less expenses :/

    I see it in my field too — foriegn born, foriegn educated nurses who manage to get licensed here end up getting jobs over citizens born here. Many times I see foriegn born nurses still practicing in a manner acceptable in other (developing) countries, but not acceptable here in terms of hygiene and infection control… Example– wearing the same gloves from room to room and with different patients or touching door knobs etc with gloves you wore while vleaning someones ass… Its not just immigrant nurses who do this, but in my experience, they make up tge majority who do.