Meathead Rapists: Euthanize, Sterilize, or Re-educate

26,000 sex assaults last year in the US military and that’s only what was reported. Basically that means that a lot of men enlisting are totally useless, ruined shells of humanity that should be euthanized, or at least sterilized and forcefully re-educated. Same goes for their parents.

There are ruined trash humans of every race and class. Wealthy latino trash. Middle class black trash. Poor asian trash. Take out the trash. We need a system of mass euthanization. If you rape you are put down like a dog and your parents get sent to detention camps where they learn why they failed and how to be human.

There is a special kind of ignorant meathead in this country that can only really be equated with some of the meatheads from regressive third world countries like Afghanistan. The kind of guy that would rape a women if they knew they would get away with it. The kind of guy with no culture or empathy. The kind of guy that lives in a state of ignorant confidence supported by meathead parents, meathead celebrities, and meathead religious leaders. Ruined.

This kind of person is bread for control. These are the pawns in our global wars. These are people easily manipulated because they are easily scared and confused and angry when they feel a loss of control. These are the people bred for slaughter. Well, lets just skip the war and kill them in a less costly way. If we aren’t going for the euthanization, then sterilization and forced re-education for anyone convicted of a sex assault. We can call it population abatement and mandatory adult education if that makes people feel better.

Of course, I’m not serious about all the fascist parts of that. But meathead, jock, asshole, ignorant, over-confident, impatient, young men require intervention. And parents require intervention before they end up with ‘adult’ kids like that. Stop the cycle.