clutter house bugger off

she wants to put fall apart asian junk fold up mobile cupboards up in the lounge room for clothing. can you see this is un-normal. is there even a word for that? sometimes I curse my mother for making me go shopping to buy too many clothes I never even got to wear, why has she done this to me? why didn’t people tell her to stop this abuse at the hospital or other friends when I told them how she was copying me, she wants us to buy the same clothes sometimes and I don’t want to. I want to be thin again. I want to go exercise on my own and go to group and club without mommy tagging along. she will do things that overcrowd me and don’t allow me my own identity and group of friends and she has to learn we are not joint at the hip. I think she is very selfish. one day she is gonna die and she will leave me childless and loveless and all for her selfish needs. K has been behind this and its got to stop. stop K just stop. get out moped-nest pants, get out sponge butt go find your sponge blob in the dessert soon seaweeds going. that will be a dozen more associations about you removed. every day I commit to removing a loser Kane dandy man papa not to me. goodbye is forever in melborne in 2001 that day I couldn’t wait to get away from you. and what was amusing is you actually thought I would cry over you leaving. I got out of bed and showered like mad but wish I had rang police and had a rape kit done. they did take samples from the first time you did me but. there is no shades of sunshine with you in it K. stop cluttering my life and this old house with your dirty stain K. you know I even dreamed of matt moving away with me. I dreamed of harz dating me as well. I dreamed of heaps of men but you or rus or rick or parker or peter or frank. its time you let go and stop the lies. everyone knows your lying about any love you might have had for me. people change I am not that person you knew 17 years ago, infact that was never me in the first place. I know one day k you will just go away because I dress for me. and whoever the so called help was that put the knife in the yard, yeh that was real help loser freak lacky dude. some help that is, making a woman afraid of her attractive male neighbor, like courtney v the cops at 2 mol st yeh, real help she was making me afraid of davo-do! yeh that was real help. keep that sort of help to yourself. like anita and kelly and girlshirleychild66 lolita pigtales really good effort that making me afraid to trust matt. that was really smart ass work that was.