compremised principals

i would like to say i am purfect and that i can live my exsistence under unatural circumstances but i cant. human contact is base of human nature and i can NOT take anymore. aint like i havent searched high and low for like minded and suitable but i can NOT take anymore. i know all this crap has damaged me horrible but meh what can ya do….i just need someone to hug me and support me emotionally….if i have any left. cant feel bad about it and i cant deny my humanity…it├Ęs the base of what we r. that has been denied me for far to long. do i want mr. purfect to walk into my life…suree…who doesnt but that doesnt exsist. and really i aint purfect, i cant idk expect anybody to be able to live with my crazy life all i can hope for is somebody to spend some time with. sighhhhhh

all i can say and do know is that any strength i have to get through each and everyday coes from a power greater than all and i am greatful and have some peace in idk my life is guided or atleast i feel it is and i know whose in charge. if it aint for me it just aint going to happen. some comfort there.