cruel to be kinder to those who have suffered – in their honor we live!

two young horny chicks that annoy me are often at the shopping centre and they type away on their computers and are thin and drop dead pretty and young and they think they have the world all worked out, I noticed them copying me what I do at home typing notes but I wondered what they are typing, I know its jealousy but I would so enjoy seeing these dolly babes shot down from their towers of sexual glory. they are young pretty and thin and one hangs out at the cafe my mum and I go to occasionally and this piece takes her lap top and types away with her pretty pretty pretty pretty hair and face and the other one is a young JP skirting around. I know its evil but I would so love to witness these bitches of beauty dragged down to hell and experience what i went through. it would help me heal I think to witness them suffer and lose their beauty and study and specialness, the others I am jealous of are these snot bitches at a centre management shopping centre who are in the information booth, most of them a old dogs and I am jealous because I know I could do their job and I did do it volunteer years ago. I would like to work doing that. all they do is help people find places, help security, hand out prams for bubs and tubby momma botches, speak over the pa once a month or promotional stuff. dress well etc. aint that hard .

yeh I would benefit from first hand seeing some snorty smug sexy young things cut down, be raped and rejected by the world and lose their precious precious looks and study and end like fat obese no bodies. I would like to see them hit, burnt, bashed, scammed and rejected and people steal their courses like someone scammed me from my courses for over 30 years. let them go out with creepy weird men. please god let me see it to help heal my soul to believe their is some good in the world.

I want to see people on their toushes anally suffering. so I can get rid of this constipation in life. I am evil to be good. yeh. its all for a good cause so it has to be worth it. I keep all I do private and don’t say much, I pray i ask churches to pray for my colleges and my schooling and finding a husband. I have suffered for that fat taxi driver whore. I would like to see her on her asses.