do something that scares u everyday

i do…i get out of bed :(. sighhhhh i hope today is a better one. that was insanity over th top and i am sick of it. i would like to see my life after all the crap…i believe in romance and hugs and kisses and exploring the possiblities….would settle for a hug. maybe my expectations are too hi…….i see my life outside of this as light and fun and dancing in the dark. tired of being attacked…tired of being alone. everything that surrounds me is negitive and IT NEEDS TO GO…..i deserve to be happy. rinse and repeat gezzzz i deserve to be happy, not to be used and abused, lied to and decieved. i am a human being under inhuman conditions. life aint fair… i try and tell myself that and i KNOW people who suffer soooo much…i feel bad when i complain…:( cant win. argggggggggggggg



  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve gone for too long with a hug. Find that hug!!!