tools for the world we live in.dont know that if we didnt have to the tools the extremes would not exsist…circular arguement and what can ya do…i get on with the life that i have…my faith gets me here and idk survivor i suppose….i do feel like one. the endless extremes. ummm i can not see the future…nobody can…any number of events come together to make a moment and the future is based in the present. i do the best i can with what comes my way and am grateful for anything that goes happy….anything at all….lololol faith and a sense of humor….science and religion and a world that was not meant to be…or is….aint for me to say…fear of course if fear… i fear for those around me but i must fight not to let it rules my life…idk i leave it to the indie if they can or want to interact with mi but then it seems the easy way out…..i have focus and loveobligations and idk everything else seems so irelevant ….stuff is important , some not. certainly hoping for a better 2016