He doesn’t know that I know about. Pretty much every time I drink around my husband if we are at a friends or family members house and stay the night he tries to expose my body in some way. He always tries to show off some part of my anatomy like my b**** or bum or even a few times my s***** and he has no idea that I am fully aware and even enjoy it. I am one of the few women in the world who actually likes her body and the only change I would make is maybe make my b**** a bit bigger but I am totally happy with their current size shape and overall look. He always pulls my top up or down whichever is easier and provides the most exposure or pulls the covers off my bum if I happen to have it facing the doorway and has even tried to sneakily pull my thong down.He has exposed some part of me to almost all of his friends who we have stayed with, Showed my step sisters husband my b****, Showed My real sisters long term boyfriend my naked backside (I made sure everything was visible), Showed my moms husband everything over the last four years they have been together, Showed my best friends boyfriend my backside and again I made sure it was all visible, Showed my cousins husband my s***** on my back with my legs spread but his friends get to see the most just because it happens more frequently that we stay with one of them.I never do it when he is not with me and I am not sure what he gets out of it but I find it very arousing and no I am not going to tell him because that would ruin it for me and I am the one I am in it for not him.