Extinguish humanity!!!

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If I could push a button and 90% of the people in the world randomly just disappear, I would. Even if I was included. We are literally pushing our ecosystem to collapse and it’s actually possible that we could cause an ice age or change the balance of the atmosphere killing all complex life on the planet.

People don’t seem worried, but even the smallest chance of those possibilities isn’t worth it. And even if we don’t ruin the planet we are causing a mass extinction. In 100 years apes will only be in zoos. There may not be any large whales left. All the coral reefs will be gone. We are leaving nothing beautiful for the next generation, largely so a bunch of ignorant, poor people can eat.

I’m not saying the educated, rich people are more important. Just that there are too many people and we aren’t more important than our ecosystem. We need to die off.

Now, that will probably happen naturally, due to conflict, plague and starvation. But not before we’ve ruined everything. And comfy people in the Western world are perfectly happy to ignore the future and just let everything everywhere rot.

I’m down for some magical genocide. Where’s that wrathful God when when we need it?



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