fear of being grabbed

hard one as i believe unless one is garded it is posible. jmo…one the other hand i believe i have gone up against the bestest of the bestest and ummmm i am still here….i think my bigest or only fear is giving myself a stroke. lolololol…to me ummm mostly a small part of a really big picture. it’s called life and i intend to live mine……

besided i think there r consquences to attacking others…cant image what it might be but few r argogant or evil enough to try. not withstanding…teachers. i do know i can protect myself because of the lessons i have learned. evil is sneaky it hides in plain site :(. instintic ummmm some stuff just WRONG, it’s a feeling and i think we all have it. still amazed at things that work together for good. forsure my brain should of fried but barely a bump….faith hope and living a life.