I have confession to make. And I am guilty of it. I am a 50 year old American man. I am doing well financially. I run my own forwarding business . I was married once but divorced 10 years back. I have a secret fetish. I like to tie or handcuff a women’s arm to the bed post and have sex. Also i like fantasy rape. i had difficulty finding a sex partner to agree to it. So i decided to find a bride that can full fill my sex fantasy. I registered myself in a match making website. I found a bride in Thailand. She was pretty and young. She was 24 years old. I love Asian women as they are submissive and docile in nature. She was from a poor background. So i decided to exploit it. I traveled to Thailand and after dating for a week, I married her and brought her to US. I agreed to send her family money every month. I paid-off her parents house mortgage. She was happy and she said she loved me. But i did this so that she will be submissive to me. She trusted me to be a gentleman. On the day of our 1st night i tied her and had sex. Although she agreed but it was because she was obligated to me. Since then i am using her like a sex doll. I don’t hurt her physically but i know she is not happy about it. But i continue do it. I cannot give up my fetish. I am trying but i can’t



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