i was rude to a good looking man today deliberately. I said “I don’t want to talk to you!” he said “have a nice day” i said “I doubt I will” i mean please save your smarmy sh!t for some floosy chic who actually believes you care I haven’t got time for that bst out of men and their sales speels anymore. I love deflating a hot guy. that is for all the times i was rejected and there is more abuse to come ash hells
i look at all the lonely rejected people- where do they all come from? why are they rejected when others who have too much should be rejected more. what makes someone else more deserving of sex or work or marriage then others ? just cuz they think so doesn’t make them deserving anymore, the world is changing in favor of disadvantaged and rejected, the rejected are turning on the workers and popular people. stir the pot why shouldn’t I be as special my needs met i coun’t too!

the world is full of scammers. just had some scam group saying they were from ms word and my computer had viruses and i don’t use word and i said “how can you tell what viruses i have if i don’t have windows. is this a scam?” she hung up. scammers. i tell you the world is full of scammers now. what used to be respectable businesses are now scammers. Microsoft scammers, all business and all people are scammers. avoid everyone trust no one!