friends are annoying

People are so unbelievably annoying. I have this friend. But sometime they can be really frustrating

I like to talk about my relationship with my friend sometimes because.. who doesn’t like to talk about something nice their partner did/does for them?

anytime I mention anything nice my partner does, my friend will go into this laaarge rant about how much their relationship sucks. like how they wanna break up with their partner, they fight constantly, ect. but they refuse to break up with their partner for whatever reason.

It’s so difficult talking to them sometimes, because their view is so self destructive and they’ll pretty much tell me my relationship won’t last and that “true love is dead”. I get that your relationship sucks, but damn. I never try to rub it in their face, not at all. Can I not talk about what my partner does for me, without being told my relationship is fake??



  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s important to find people who can share joy with.