Getting to know Greg

I met Greg in Ag Eco. He was mysterious and wore his hair long. I felt something right then and after class I caught up with him and got him into a conversation. We went to my dorm room and I sucked him to completion, doing my best to swallow it all. We laid on the bed and he got behind me and humped up against my naked ass. He got hard and he started to poke my ass. I got on my stomach and held onto the pillow while Greg got on my back and ran his erection up my ass. It felt good. For me the man laying completely on my back is what makes it special. I don’t like doggie style or missionary. We slept naked for a while before getting up and going down to the commons to get something to eat. We were secret homo lovers after that, all semester long. It was the best semester. I loved making out with Greg before having sex with him. To bad the semester ended and we didn’t hook up again.

Submissive Male