going to be my last words

on the subject…..and I have considered them carefully. the face of religion hummm it’s base our beliefs will NEVER change and neither do the words. I do think we need to be kinder gentler and the concept of ANYBODY being purfect is a thing of the past. we r HUMAN BEINGS with all the faults and lessons that go with it. i feel for those who did their best to be purfect and hold themselves out as an example, i think most had their hearts in the right place but…nobody is purfect AND it is WRITEN…i aint making a case for doing bad and having an excuse just that idk peeps need to accept who they r and others need to quit being sooo judgemental. bugged by the effects that exposure is having on peeps that truely lived their lives doing good and right but 1 failure and they cant live with themselves. for sure our failures limit us but it aint the end of the world….learn and move on.