Had a few girls do this to me when I was younger and I LOVE it!

Not sure what the actual name or description would be for this, but it was like they were secretly making fun of me, only they were ALSO doing it in a very obvious way and without ACTUALLY saying anything mean. I GUESS you could call it condescending, but that doesn’t quite do it justice. Basically, the girl would meet ANYTHING I said to her with like this lazy, evil chuckling sort of laugh. She’d usually also say something really vague and neutral AFTER she laughed that would FEEL sarcastic without her being OBVIOUSLY sarcastic, but sometimes that laugh would either just BE the only answer I got, or I’d have to prod her a little to finally get one– always still delivered with a constant smirk and a laugh. I would also get a lot of head shakes and eye rolls, but always with that same smirk and laugh. Example, I might go, “Hey, I heard that blah blah whatever was a thing.” She’d shake her head and roll her eyes; “Eheheheheheheh… (big obvious smirk) Ahh. Okay…” Or she might ask ME something; “Hey Anon, what time is it right now?” Me: “Uh, one fifteen.” Her: “PFFT! Hehehehehehehe!” I actually started trying to dig out the real issue with one of them, and she just started purposely being even MORE obvious STILL without telling me anything. “Hahahahahaha! It’s just… Hehehehehe….” Me; “What? Why are you ALWAYS laughing like that?” Her; “Ahahahaha– *ahem* (head shake and huge smirk) I guess I just… like to laugh!” Me; “But you only do it to ME.” Her; “Hahahahahahaha! Ahahahahahahaha! Ohhhhhh I know…” Me; “WHY!?” Her; “Pfft! Hehehehe! “It’s just… (Looks like she’s thinking) “Weeeeell, nothing… hahahahahahaha…” I mean, I KNEW they were messing with me even then, but the randomness and frustration of it were both huge turn ons for me. The frustration because while nothing I did could ever change their attitude, I didn’t even know what their attitude really WAS, and since they were in varying types of authority, if I just came out and told em I was into it, they might be weirded out and either STOP doing it (bad), Or get me in some kind of trouble (worse). So I had to go on PRETENDING I was as ignorant as they THOUGHT I was so they’d keep teasing me, and I’d always have fresh “material”! But the REALLY frustrating part is that that made me feel like a desperate pervert– WHICH ONLY MADE IT HOTTER AND THEY’D NEVER EVEN KNOW IT!!