what to do what to do….ahhh whatever comes next. i had an amazing week cept for the insane personal attack…what is wrong with people. and really round 2? i aint show up. it’s astounding to one it’s all the other guys fault and so on and so on till at the end of the day…they all blame moi. fabulous. meh i refuse to be abused and used and disrespected…i will defend myself and some people r going to eat their own shit. seriously all that nothing i was doing i quit doing it and ohmy

i dont feel anything about it.. rage at attack and really propaganda circus bound to make things worse.

plot twist and propagand wtf it’s my life……aint like i dont try and change it. idk hard to tell whats real and what seriously some of this shit is soooo far over the top best not to engage…i fear somewhere in there i should be doing something…..i think it’s getting a life.

i do think there are peeps in our travels we need to let go orrr really STOP GO AWAY …ya know i try to let go of alll the endless crap dumped on me but some people just dont know when to quit….they need to go……i need a desent business partner orrr really i would do fine on my own just need a sale but EVERYTHING just keeps being a big fucking mess. arggggg

what am i doing…i am talking to myself….to me it’s always been a diary, journal, rant. i give it zero consideration. the worlds hopes and dreams are here somewhere…mine dont make a hill of beans . it helps me sort and focus and idk some stuff aint real unless i say something. seriously the crap flying is astonishing. shrug.

what i have is my faith…and my journey till now…things work out orrr they dont but life goes on and really i spent 3 glorious days in the sun and relaxed and happy. nice.