I am so fat depressed

fat depressed is when you eat small and still have fat and all your life thin or fat you have been everyones fat old maid joke! my mum understands how I feel. its just not funny being treated like a old spastic fatty when your young thin and intelligent, then when they have you how they have made you feel all your life they go off laughing happy they have made you old and fat and spastic and unable to marry or be a mother, or pass anything. I chose the wrong degree again like I chose the wrong friends, the wrong crowd, the wrong counsellor etc. always making you question yourself and why your never good enough, hah, but then your counsellor runs nights with handout booklets to actually explain to you why are not good enough and not much positive motivation and whys and ways to fix it. its a bit like mary, you were punished before you did the crime, you were nlp’d to do the crime, you were set up and you were too dump and too child to know what they were plotting against you. and how could you? like Rick said “how could you know the fool we were going to make of you and laugh”!