I don’t give a shit about Ukraine

All my liberal friends think it’s great we are over there messing with the government and my conservative friends don’t think we are doing enough. Maybe I need more libertarian friends because I just don’t get what this has got to do with us. Why should America care about it. I guess there’s plenty I don’t know, but when I watch the news they just make it seem pointless.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m Russian and I don’t care much about Ukraine either. I have sympathy for the people, I obviously disapprove of violence, but I’d never even think of intervention or annexation. Maybe it’s just because I’m not really into politics. Anyway, I don’t believe a democratic decision could be made regarding the issues of foreign policy.
    But what can be done besides stating my opinion? Ah, everything is much more complicated than I want it to be.