Is it alright to have a four legged companion

I am 33 a recent mom and stay at home wife my husband travels a lot due to his work and he brought up the idea of sharing me while he is at work but even though I really need some company I can’t build a physical relationship without any emotional attachment with the guy.
My husband is alright for me to explore what I need but I think if I bring some guy into my bedroom then my relationship with my husband will fade away and I don’t want that to happen.
Considering all of this we have decided to get a four legged friend to satisfy my needs. Firstly I need to know if it is legal and safe to perform this.
If it’s legal then how should we mutually benefit from each other without harming each other.
I know that it is not possible to fall pregnant as our gametes are not compatible but are there any cases of STI or something to worry about.
If so is there any type of protection available.
While mounting will the claws hurt me if yes how to handle it.
Suggest me a well favoured breed or a breed that is easier to handle also suggest if there is any other different kind of animal.
Generally which breed or animal is favorable and easy to train and yet which fullfills it’s purpose and I am not looking for length or girth.
How to deal with it when it becomes too aggressive either while mounting or generally.
How to train the companion when it’s play time and when it’s not. I don’t want to send wrong signals while I’m doing my household work.
Is there any way where I can submit to him and train him if I am unavailable right now. I don’t want to give wrong intentions when I bend down. Is there any way to specifically indicate.
Also, will it get possesive or territorial for me because I don’t want it to get bothered when my husband shows love to me. Also will they get aggressive or territorial if there are more than one, do they get jealous or play as a pack?
What is the average duration of the mating and how to make it last longer and more pleasurable.
What are the positions that can be achieved and in what way that I can get most out of him.
Are there any medications that can help them last longer.
Other than the mating itself are there any other ways to get pleasure from them.
If someone has expierenced can you describe how different is it from normal pleasure and will there be an emotional connect?
With that said I’m open for adoption or purchase well trained companion.
If you think I’m out of my mind then please do suggest me a better alternative.



  1. Anonymous says:

    therapy. please this is not okay