Jealousy is for weak people

I’m so fed up with jealous guys. I’m sure jealous girls are just as annoying, but being a woman I have to deal with guys all the time that just can’t deal with me being a friendly person.

If I’m dating you it doesn’t mean we’re married. If I get coffee with you it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being friendly and courteous to men around me. What is this, junior high school?

People who are jealous all the time have weak egos and a fragile sense of adulthood. If I’m dating you it’s because I want to be with you and not every other guy that walks up and says hi. At the same time, if we are dating, you don’t own me. You don’t tell me how to act or who I can spend time with.

I know there are plenty of adults out there that aren’t so fragile. But sometimes I’m amazed at how many guys just can’t handle dating a friendly women.



  1. Anonymous says:

    slut talk

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wait till you actually meet someone you love Ha Ha. You’re still looking.