Leading up to hotel room with adult niece.

Part (2) REAL STORY… After our first encounter, we never really got a chance to be alone. Somebody was always around. But that didn’t stop us from kissing and touching on each other every chance we got. This particular day she came over and our cousin and my other niece (her sister) was over. Nothing different it was like a normal day. But I can tell she didn’t want them there and she came wearing a fuck me outfit, and man did I want too. She had on black short shorts, exposing her long legs. Her shorts were a little loose to where when she sits you can see a little of her asscrack and black thong. That’s if your looking, and she know I was. A tight black low cut tank top squeezing her DD titties tightly together. When she lean over you could see her beautiful big titties plain as day. By now my dick is throbbing, so I go in my room. Couple minutes later she comes in my room and close the door. Nothing out the norm. She sits down next to me lean towards me and starts kissing me while rubbing on my dick. After bout 10 secs I stop her and say we gotta wait till they go to the store or something. She says oh my fucking god. But your dick is hard as hell right now, just let me suck it for 2 mins. I get up walk to the door, lean my back against the door and pull my hard dick out. She walks over kneels down and starts sucking and jerking me off. I put my hand on the back of her head and gently glide my dick in and out of her pretty lil mouth. Deeper and deeper with each stroke. Until she begins to gag. She sees how far she can take my dick in her mouth, so I let my hand go and she starts deep throating, gagging, jerking me off and sucking on my balls. I wanted to explode in her mouth then. But honestly I had to stop her. People were downstairs. I wanted to fuck her brains out right then and there. In my mind im also saying i have to get this girl alone, get her fully naked so i can do everything fucking possible to her. So i tell her wait till after 6 if everybody’s still here I’ll get us a room….. Part (3) Finally at the hotel room with adult niece….Typing soon…. REAL STORY.