Lost bet leads to raw sex with adult niece

Part (1) REAL STORY… Me and my adult niece, we are both of age. We were sitting in my room one day watching tv. I made a bet that I knew I would lose, and the loser had to kiss the other one bare feet. We always made dumb bets like this but they were just dumb bets that neither of us would do if we lost. But I made this bet on a serious topic. So the loser had to perform something we considered was out of the norm. I’m not a feet guy but everything about her turns me the fuck on, even her feet. And I think she like her feet being touch, I think it turns her on. That why I made the bet the loser had to kiss the other ones foot. Anyway I lost the bet, she was excited she won and I had to kiss her feet. She not knowing this was my plan and my dick was hard as a rock. I act like I didn’t want to do it as she put her foot on my leg. I raised her foot up and begin to act like I was gunna to kiss her foot. After about a minute of bullshitting I began sucking on her big toe. The look on her face told it all. She thought I was gunna quickly kiss her foot but I started sucking on her big toe. She begin to moan lightly as I made sure she seen me take my hard dick out of my pants. I see she’s into it so I suck harder on her toes as I stroke my dick and pull her pants legs up. She stands up and takes of her pants. She’s has on a pink g-string. I tell her sit back down, I lean her bac a little and start licking her clit. Her pussy is wet as hell and she moaning kinda loud. I tell her she’s kinda too loud and i turn the tv up a little. I start finger fucking her pussy while licking her clit. My dick is pounding by now. She says she’s about to cum and I start tongue fucking her pussyhole. Her pussy smell and taste so good. I have to fuck her wet, cummy pussy and she’s asking me to fuck her. I slide my dick in her and slowly start stroking. Her moans become louder but by now I don’t even care. She is tighter than i expected and you could hear her juices as I go in and out of her pussy. After I work my dick in I start fucking the shit out of her. Hearing her moans and grabbing on her big titties while she’s telling me she’s Cumming did it for me. I pulled out her pussy and shoved my dick in her mouth. She started to suck the life out of me. She swallowed and everything. We were so scared we might of been heard she left my room soon after putting her pants back on. She text me soon after asking could that happen on a regular. I have to make this a regular, definitely have to happen at least one more time. I didn’t get her fully naked and I want to fuck her in her ass hard. I could smell her ass as I was eating her pussy. Smelled lovely



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    Nice bro.