love a mornin that

starts positive :). ahhh i love bbt and idk i think i want to share my faith as it’s where my strength comes from. for that i am greatful beyond time…and idk i aint purfect nobody is.

idk i feel like if i went any slower i wouldnt exsist at all….waste o time distraction/entertainment andd some knowledge but it aint a life and that is what i chase. i do not think we should let anything stopping us from living our lives. we were not meant to live this way and i am taking the first exist or atleast balance, trapped in my lil world there is NONE. as long as i have faith, strength and hope, it aint over 🙂

dont see a man as an answer cept for idk hugs, bio i guess. i do think any suport makes me freer but idk if a lifetime of happy is in the cards for me. anddd idk solo has it’s moments….i think forward is the issue, in forward and solo i can see a rewarding life but i can not accept neverr being touched again….sighhhhh it is human nature and ya cant fight that….andddd off to see what this day holds…i gotta get out 1/2 my problem is cabin fever….sighhhhhhh