maybe it’s just me

actually i think that it is……lolololololol ummm for sure my life is different and always will be, noether good nor bad just my path. i regret little and dont remeber much orrr in different ways…..for sure i have odd beliefs re some crap, some is based on info and 1/2 on lessons learned. i do feel that hardwire has some difference to air, multiple of reasons and different cercumstances and applications maybe. really personal ummm business brings actual real world actions to life. meh and so many things…FOR SURE i’ve had an amazing journey but in REALITY most has little to do with it… i doubt i will ever know if there is a connection to a reality that isnt to one that is, or input from one that is….. but i do know…no more or less than anything else on this sinking ship and some stuff i find fasinating….i love to read…entertainment, lightenment and idk how crazy our world is…..all these things give me a life lived in constant amazment of the times we live in….clearly i am happy and idk confident i will live out my time here…… in MY LIFE…and goes without saying my beliefs and my faith are what makes my life work, i have zero idea how anybody who has walked the path i have could have any doubt of highest of powers and i call him my God. i am honored and amazed.