i cant stand my own mother! she’s a shameless gossip who lies, compulsively spends and tries to play me and my sister against each other, not knowing that we tell each other everything she says about the other- its the only way to make sure she doesnt come between us. her spending leaves my dad with no money and he has no clue because shes in charge of his account and rips up his bank statements before he can get to them. he thinks theyre doing great financially little does he know that any money being spent for the past few weeks has been borrowed from her friends. the council tax isnt being paid, so the end of the tax year is going to bring a very interesting bill to her door 🙂 thank god i no longer live at home and its no longer my problem to fix this pain in the arse woman’s problems with money.
i look at her and dont see my mother i see the woman who locked me and my sister in our rooms at 6pm every night and didnt even let us outto use the toilet, leading me to a severe kidney infection when i was 6! i seen the woman who used to sell out toys to cover her spending habits, i see the woman who always had new clothes on her back to go out drinking in, when we were in second and third hand clothes, i see the woman who sent us to school with empty lunch boxes and us having to beg the teachers not to send us into the dining hall so the other kids wouldnt see that we had nothing to eat in there.
i see a woman who told me to my face as a child that she felt guilty for having me because she couldnt focus as much time on my sister who was only 3 when i was born.
I see a woman who doesnt deserve to have her daughters in her life because she took as much as she ever gave and more.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Kui vana sa praegu oled.