my former (bitch) boss and the CCTV footage that warms my heart

I used to work for a real bitch with too much money and zero people skills and one winters day she rocked up to the office in her Bentley (in a part of town you wouldn’t dare leave a broken push bike never mind a freaking Bentley!!!!) she steps out in her spike heels and begins tottering across the skating rink of a pavement, she gets right up to the steps in plain view of the CCTV cameras and goes flying, the heel is snapped off one shoe, her hair is all over the place and she’s soaked, her fancy bag is all scraped and I swear seeing her fall on her arse made all of those years working with her worth while because the in-house CCTV system was visited many times by our team once she’d gone home to view that mornings accident- nobody liked her so this was akin to the wicked witch of the west melting 🙂