My long time secret love

In my freshman year of college I made a friend and we hung out together. After a football game we went to a party and had some beer and things were getting rowdy. She and I stayed apart, in the kitchen, while the wild sex was going on in the living room. We watched, it was our first party like that. I felt her hold my hand and we cringed together watching some guy overcome some girl by brute force and force her legs open for him. We watched as she spat on him, yelled at him and he laughed. I was wet and turned on, nothing like that had ever happened to me. My friend looked at me and I kissed her and told her to never let that happen to me. We went back to our dorm and she spent the night with me. We talked about what we had witnessed while we kissed and got naked and went down on each other. I was driven to make her orgasm, it was a need deep inside of me, to satisfy her and make her orgasm.

We have been lovers and friends for over forty years. I got married to a man who is the lord of manor and he enjoys watching me do menial housework and he fucks me on my back, vaginal. He has never tried to enter me in anal sex. He is very strong and it makes it impossible for me to get away and get him off of me. It makes me orgasm, even if I don’t want to. After that sex I always go spend a week with my girlfriend. I’m obsessed with forcing sex on her until she orgasms. She believes that is response to being forced fucked by my husband. You would think that after forty years you would get over it.