not desparate

BORED…i hate even thinking it…really ..i have soooo much maybe it about little of it being good. or real maybe…. most of my life is somebody elses fantasy…i think that’s halarious.i refuse to be ungreatful but reserve the right to be bored. doing everything i can think of to change my life and nothing seems to. sighhhhhh

endless argung and nattering and seriously aint my future. totally respect what others see in reality but expect that anybody in my life would see mine. i know i have my crap and a life i tend to ignore and reality lands there but idk seems i spent a lifetime waiting for somebody to say….i got a plan…that wasnt NUTZ…….informed and rational and sighhhhh dreaming again….SIGHHHHHHHHH….i do think ummm the lessining of the mom has evolved into…..k…..sounds good to me…with in limits, i think the REAL rules r important…public and i think most tends to be clear before ya even get there…i think it takes balls for real men to address technology and ummm psycos have no problem….bad tends to run from moi…i have some confidence in that…… smart people KNOW we are ALL good AND bad.