remain calm

really there is LOTS to make anybody crazy and physically ill…why bother. for sure and for certain i did major damage banging my head against a mountain insanity…:(. i think i reget it somewhat….i dont know that i would ever quit being bitter i guess…nobody should ever go the places i;ve been alone. sighhh… i do get the whole interference and really bringing peeps along in bits and pieces just makes bigger sick and crazy…everybodys got to walk their own paths and make their own assessments and idk remain calm is all i can advise :(. making yourself insane isnt going to make it any easier anddd repurcussions are horrendous. still cant thnk of a thing i would of done different at the time….dont have any interest in dragging crap with me…never do…deal with it move on.

ummm blocked idk for sure given the opportunity i would of been gone lke the wise owl…still my plan…really there has to be something , a life that i actually live …feels like iève been trapped here for ever waiting for things to pass and in my oppinion that time came along time back. meh i did my time now itès time to live……