self talk

the voices in my head, pretty sure it was my base in reality a great class! we ALL talk to ourselves but idk media and massive input “adds” stuff” …the class was the power of positive thinking and accepting the fact that most well adjusted peeps can control what and how crap like that effects us. i did NOT listen to more than 10 sec of the second one assss alarm bells went off and i am out of there!!!! the power of positive thinking and rejecting yic and sick….

ummm certainly based in bio and chemicals….i was maxed out on sugar and endless stress, throw in some pot anddddd it’s crazyland and damaging….know yourself and avoid and reject and get on with your life….i do think some people cant find theirs and that’s sad, mental illness is sad anddd i am going to go do something useful 😀 have a great day orrr make the best of it