St. Joseph – Thank you for prayers and miracles received

St. Joseph, Thank you for receiving and granting my prayer, with Successful sale of the condo, with safety, love and prosperity always.

Dear St. Joseph, head of the most perfect household, foster father of Jesus and guardian of His mother Mary, I confidently place myself and all my concerns under your care and protection.

I ask that, through your powerful intercession with God, you obtain for me all the help and graces that I need for my spiritual and temporal welfare and in particular, the special favor I now ask: that Mississauga’s Condo be sold quickly with no losses. Being blessed financially with safety, love, success and prosperity always.

Good St. Joseph, I know with confidence that your prayers on my behalf will be heard by God, and if it is His Will, it will be done. Thank you St. Joseph, for having responded to my call. Amen.
3 “Our Fathers”, 3 Hail Mary, 3 “Glory Be” for 10 days, publish thanks.