Stupidly Stealth

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The couple i live with, use the bathroom upstairs and i have my own downstairs. (Just an FYI, The flatmates have been a bit off lately.)

I thought i had sussed the acoustics by now and cleverly mapped out the house. I managed to figure out where the downstairs shower was positioned; far removed from anywhere people are, so it was meant to be in a really private section.. Or so i thought…

See I’m a single lady and sometimes single chicks just need to “de-stress” after work..

There’s nothing like getting off full lung too; it is completely and perfectly satisfying. Being able to get away with being loud is a devine relief; like not even Jesus can judge you. Like getting away with murder but for.. masturbating.. Anyway.. THIS WHOLE FUCKING TIME I THOUGHT I WAS BEING STEALTH!

Until tonight.

I was up in the kitchen and could clearly hear my phone playing music from my downstairs bathroom. And not just noise, actual verse. And you could hear it right up to the lounge. Where they are always sitting.

This whole fucking time my flatmates have probably heard me clear as fucking crystal, climaxing! I have been doing this for like 2 months. 2 MONTHS YOU HEARD ME!

I say weird shit too. I mean sometimes I just treat myself to some role play. OH MY FUCKING GOD NO WONDER



  1. Anonymous says:

    This sucks, sorry.